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Jar Tickets

Arrow International offers a wide variety of jar, or "paper" tickets. These are smaller than our popp-opens, so a flare or point of sale piece accompanies the tickets. The flare describes the game and shows the winning payouts. Most jar tickets are available for super speedy delivery with our high-quality PDQ jar ticket program.

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Jar Ticket Knowledge

What are Jar Tickets?

Jar tickets are considered a type of pull tab but are constructed differently than a typical pull tab ticket. They are sometimes called "paper" tickets because they are constructed of paper that is folded, wrapped with a band, and then glued.

Jar tickets are much smaller than Popp-Opens pull tabs which does not allow enough room to list the prizes on the ticket. A flare, or point of sale promotion piece, accompanies jar tickets and describes the game and denotes the winning payouts. Each set of jar tickets contains a predetermined number of hold tickets, instant win tickets, and a seal card prize.

The Arrow jar tickets manufacturing process ensures the utmost in ticket security. Each includes a multi-color pattern to prevent 'see-through' and wide banding to provide additional security.

Jar Ticket Categories

Folded Jar Tickets

Loose Jar Tickets

Stapled Jar Tickets

Seal Jar Tickets

Washington Folded Tickets

Washington Loose Tickets

Jar Ticket Themes

Bar Themes

Gaming/Gem Theme

Licensed Themes

Patriotic/USA Theme

Seasonal/Holiday Theme

Sports Theme


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